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Make Translating a Breeze

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You are a truth-seeker at heart:

You’re really good at what you do — and there’s a reason why.

Several reasons, actually:

So how come translating feels like walking on eggshells?

Maybe you’re worried the Freelancer you contracted might botch the translation, or worse… back out at the last minute.

Perhaps you dread spending hours you don’t have fixing the robotic or culturally insensitive translations and out-of-sync AI timestamps.

Maybe you don’t trust that translation agency to get it right, so you have to keep tabs on them.

How We Make Translation Hassle-Free

Step 1

Discuss briefs and request a translation sample

Discuss the brief for the job and request a translation sample to ensure we’re a good fit

Step 2

Transcription, translation, and timestamping

I personally handpick the most suitable subtitle translator for your project from our pool of trained linguists.

Step 3

Quality Assurance Check

Two native proofreaders review translations for accuracy — grammar, linguistic nuances, timestamps — by comparing the original & translated.

Step 4

Receive Flawless Translations

You now have clean timestamped translations or subtitles in the language of your choice to add to your video.

I have worked with Nithilan and his team on several television productions and branded content films, and have experienced the highest level of service and professionalism.

The team have been able to supply incredibly fast and reliable translations for even the most remote languages, and pricing for all services is very fair.
I will continue to use Weavlog for my productions, and highly recommend Nithilan!!

Lucia Philpot

Producer, Video Journalist @Chocolate Films

Since our first project ran so smoothly, I’ve reached out for quite a few additional subtitling & translation projects. The turnaround is reasonable and communication is very open and reliable. Great job. Will definitely reach out again!

Cassandra A. Henderson

Producer/Writer, Sema Films

Amazing work. Job well done quite quickly and in great quality

Jack Davies

Senior Program Manager, Project Everyone

Work completed successfully and on time, was a great communicator and easy to deal with!

Jeremy Ervine


Meet Your Translation Partner

Hi I’m Nithilan Karunakaran

I lead a team of remote native translators working around the clock.

We’re a “yes, we can do that” team for can-do journalists.

Others translate anything they can get their hands on. We only partner with people-first journalists and documentary filmmakers wanting to preserve the human touch in their hard-won stories.

We go beyond word-for-word translations, preserving the emotional fidelity of stories and ensuring that translations retain the same emotional punch and connection as the original.

We strive to make your editing fun so you can maintain control over the narrative of your story, especially as it goes through the final stages of production.

We translate, inspect, and deliver your interviews, leaving you with enough time for you to review and approve them long before your deadline.

By embedding systemized workflows within the translation process, we ensure high-quality translation at scale.

Would you like to try out our service, click the link below and get the first 5 minutes of your interview translated FREE of charge.
If the translation doesn’t make you feel like you’re “reliving the interview,” we say our goodbyes.

This is an expert of the highest caliber. I had such a great experience working with him.

Julia Butler

Executive Producer, Slipaway

Nithilan is always great to deal with. Quick action on complete closed captioning and video editing. He’s my first choice and I’m looking forward to working on my next project with him.

Craig Huffman

Marketing Director, Goodwill Industries


What languages can you translate in?

We translate into 100+ languages – covering most European, Asian, Middle Eastern, and Latin American languages.

We do our best to complete all translations in 24-36 hours.

We can deliver translations as a time-stamped transcript in a word document or as subtitles in SRT format.

First, we work with only the best linguists. We follow a two-fold QA process, one translator and one subtitle expert independently go through the translations line by line while watching the video ensuring accuracy of the timestamps and also cultural nuances in the translation.

Yes, and accurately.

I personally handpick a suitable translator whose mother tongue is your target language. We also do our best to match you with translators living close to your interview location.

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